How to run and compile C language programs ?

This post dedicated for people, who never ran  and never compiled C programs. In this tutorial I will explain how to do it both in *nix operating systems and Windows. However, I recommend you to you Unix in your programming.  I assume that your  already have a code.

Unix & Linux

1. Open “Terminal”. Copy your code. (CTRL +C)

2. Open text editor and save your file with extension “.c”

3. Exit text editor

4.  Compile your file (make it executable) using command: cc <filename>

5. Type in Terminal: ./a.out

That’s all


1. Download program from:

2.  Download, Install and run software

3. Use CTRL +N and copy your code

4. Save file (File –> Save)

7. Click on Execute —> Compile

8. When compiling is done once again go to Execute and click Run

That’s it!

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  • Thank you for this tutorial. I was wondering maybe you could help solve task i received at university:

    Write a program that reads in an integer and prints out the given integer in binary, octal and hexadecimal formats.

    your program should do the following tasks:

    * it should accept an integer number from the keyboard
    * change this number to binary, octal and hexadecimal formats
    * it should finally print these three formats to the screen

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