Simple C Program: Seneca GPA Calculator

This program was written by me in September 2010.

The idea of this program is very simple:
– You choose menu option
– Enter percentage either letter grades
– It transfers your percentage into letter grade or calculates your GPA
– When you want to quit, you use “q”

Very simple, but also very useful program. All validation is made. (The source code is in the link below)
If you are having problems with compiling and running please see the post below, that instructs how to compile and run programs in different Operating Systems.

Please feel free to copy my source code, I have no problems with that.

Click here to see a screenshot of program in Terminal (Linux Ubuntu OS)

Here is a source code:

Anatoly Spektor

IT Consultant with 6 years experience in Software Development and IT Leadership. Participated in such projects as Eclipse IDE, Big Blue Button, Toronto 2015 Panam Games.

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  1. ed

    if my gpa formula is GPA = [ ∑( GPi X CHi ) ] ÷ [ ∑CHi ]
    what should I put to change ∑ and calculate the gpa?

    sorry. but I am very new to C.

  2. ed

    GPi is grade point obtained for a certain subject and CHi is Credit hour for a certain subject.

  3. Skye Thompson

    I like it.

  4. amimawe

    why did you use #include ??
    which syntax use that library?
    does that library available in all c language software?

  5. amimawe

    i mean #include .

  6. amimawe

    oh shoot, it wont asking about ctype.h part.

  7. Nishat Shammi


  8. Nishat Shammi

    Its really nice code. thank u so much