Top 5 Free Web Poll Scripts (Vote Scripts)

Here is Myprogrammingblog’s updated version of Top 5 FREE Web Poll Scripts, every poll in this list could become a great part of your website:

1. AskPeople Free PHP Survey Application 2.2.2 today’s winner is  AskPeople Survey App. This is not just a simple polling script, it is whole online survey. If you want to create an online test or a complex poll, this is one of the best products you could find. It is free, it is simple to configure, and it has everything you need to get as much information from your clients/visitors as you need. Ask people has some very nice features including administration panel, built-in file manager, optional cookie-based protection against repeated submission of forms and many others.

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2.Kobo Poll is a simple PHP+JQuery written poll without administration features it also does not have ip logging, so users can vote several times. However, it is very easy to configure, upgrade and it is FREE. I like this script because it is even easier to configure than previous one,it has an attractive design, and great potential. It can be modified for any project. Also it does not need a database. So to sum up, Kobo can be a good candidate as a base on which developers can build anything, and also it can be a simple addition for a website that does not require something extra-special.

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3. Smart PHP Poll this script is very nice and powerful, but in the same time – simple. It is built using PHP+MySQL and has admin panel allowing to change the look of the poll, create and manage polls. Also it is easily integrated to any website. Biggest disadvantage of this script is that it is not Open-Source. It means that as a developer, I cannot change the code without getting permission of the owner of copyrights, and in some cases getting permission is even more costly than developing a brand new script.

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4. CF Polling v0.94 script – A easy-to-use polling script using ajax and php,requires no configuration and works with flat file database. Website polls are a easy way to get feedback from your site visitors. ( Very easy to install, and looks really cool!

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5.  Db Scripts PHP Poll Script is a free and simple PHP poll script that doesn’t require a database. It allows you to put a poll form on virtually any page on your web site. The results page displays a coloured bar graph of the votes. The look-and-feel of the poll form and results page can be customized using a standard CSS file. Data is stored in flat files, therefore no database is required. (  And one  more feature that I really like about this poll is that you cannot vote twice!

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I will keep exploring, and I will keep you guys updates. If you know any cool polling scripts, feel free to comment to this post, I would love to include them.  *Updated October 6 2012*

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