What is Standard Widget Toolkit for Eclipse (SWT) ?

Here I am at my new workplace. Next 8 months I will be working in Eclipse team, on migration of SWT  from GTK2 to GTK3.

If these words does not tell you much, don’t worry, I am pretty much in the same situation, but what I am going to do in the next couple of days is to explore this issue as much as I can, and  write down my findings here.

Let’s start with SWT.  My first stop in finding info about SWT was here: http://www.eclipsepluginsite.com/swt.html

After reading  introductory chapter,  I have  found out that SWT stands for   Standard Widget Toolkit.  As I have understood from the reading, SWT is a collection of tools, intended for creating stand alone java applications or eclipse plugins  with basic UI components (such as buttons, trees etc). What is  special about SWT, is that it uses native OS components, so when you build application with SWT it feels like this application is intended for the particular OS.

I decided to build a simple application using one of the examples provided in the reading.

Simple SWT Application


Before Click:
SWT button before click

After Click:

SWT button after click snapshot


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