How to check if a number is ODD or Even ? [PHP function]

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Long time no seen! Today I had a pleasure of going over myprogrammingblog emails, where many users have asked me to show solutions to different problems. Sorry for not being able to respond earlier, as I had whole bunch of things going on.

From now on, at least for a month, I will be regularly (read as 1 time in 1-2 days) posting some code examples for the problems you have asked me to take a look at. By the way, if you have any interesting problems, which you would like to share with me, please email me at: .

Quick Update:

I have opened myprogrammingblog Git repo, where I will be posting code examples discussed in this blog.

Repo URL is :

Now, back to business.

One of the readers ( I am not posting names/nicknames since some people don’t like to be addressed publicly) asked me:

How to check if a number is ODD or Even ?

To solve this problem I will use nice operator, available in most popular programming languages (e.g C/C++/Python/Java/PHP/JavaScript…you name it…) called modulo (%)¬†.

Modulo – finds the remainder of the division. ¬†That’s exactly what we need!

We know that EVEN numbers are those that can be equally (read without a remainder) divided into two groups. By using modulo we can check if the number divided by two does not have a remainder, than it is an EVEN number, otherwise it is ODD.

Bored already ? Here is the code (since no specific language was required, I have used PHP):

In case you need Unit Tests for this function, they are available in the repo.

Thank you for sending me your questions!



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