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Eclipse SWT drops GTK support of versions less than 2.10

Hey guys, I have some very exciting news on the GTK-SWT front. Finally, SWT drops support for GTK versions older than 2.10, which means that we will have cleaner code. I have started cleaning SWT from old GTK code, if … Continue reading

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SWT: Datetime Widget on top of Spinner [ Progress Report]

What is the problem with DateTime widget ? Datetime is an SWT widget that shows DATE/TIME/CALENDAR, so overall very useful widget! In current version of SWT  it looks like this: So as you might have guessed DateTime  is a Composite … Continue reading

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Why MongoDB does not start in Fedora ? [SOLVED]

Hello guys, Today I want to share with you how to easily make MongoDB work in Fedora. Recently, while moving to F19 I have faced the issue when my Mongo does not start. What I mean by does not start … Continue reading

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How to setup ADT (Android Development Tools) on 64bit Fedora 17 ?

Quick Intro Yesterday I was excited to receive a task to install ADT for Eclipse and Android SDK on my machine , I thought it would be a “piece of cake”, so with a high level of excitement I have … Continue reading

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How to reset root password in Linux (RHEL,FEDORA) ? What to do if you forgot root password ?

Today I want to give you some very useful tips on what to do if you have forgotten your root password. ATTENTION: This trick will only work if didn’t  setup GRUB password yet.    (if you did – sucks to be … Continue reading

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SWT migration To GTK+3.x : 6 SWT – Cairo Patches (Eclipse Bugzilla)

I am glad that you guys showed big interest to the project I am currently working on.  I have received couple of emails from blog readers asking to share patches they I have pushed upstream. First of all, I want … Continue reading

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SWT migration to GTK+ 3.x: Use Cairo Instead GDK : First Patch – Tracker Widget

I am continuing series of posts about   SWT migration to GTK+ 3.x . Today, I will  write about patch for SWT Tracker Widget, that omits some of GTK+ 3.x deprecated methods. When I started working on patch for Tracker, it … Continue reading

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