ActionScript 3, Flex 4 Script – How to dynamically create CheckBoxes, RadioButtons and add them to the View

Couple of hours I was “googling” to  find the best solution on how to create Checkboxes and Radio Buttons on fly in ActionScript 3  under Flex4. Unfortunately for me, everything, that  I was able to find was either outdated, or just not for me. So I created my script from scratch, and  decided to share it with you, so you could re-use it in your projects ( don’t forget to link on me 🙂 ).

I have made a lot of comments so you could easier understand how it works, but if you have questions, please ask. Also  this function is easy editable so you could adopt it to your needs.

// function receives Array.length and ArrayCollection
private function createButtons(amount:uint, content:ArrayCollection):void{

	var _cb:CheckBox;
	var _rb:RadioButton;
	var _tx: Text;
	var _hb: HBox;

// creating buttons one by one
	for (var i:int = 0; i < amount; i++) {

		_tx = new Text();
		_hb = new HBox(); = "option" +i;
		_tx.width = 200;

// assigning array element to text field
		_tx.text =content.getItemAt(i).toString();
//adding HBox to the view
// if global var _isMultiple is true drawcheckboxes,
// otherwise radioButtons
			_cb= new CheckBox();

// giving button a name of array element to process it easier later;

// defining gap between the buttons

// adding buttons to the Horizontal Box

}else{ // if not _isMultiple

	_rb = new RadioButton();

// giving button a name of array elelment to process it easier later = content.getItemAt(i).toString();

// assigning radio to the same group
	_rb.groupName = "answers";
	_rb.label ="*";


// adding text near button

} // end of loop

} // end of function

options is repesented as:

<mx:Box id="options" >

Here is what I’ve got (when _isMultiple is false):



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