RAILS, HAML : How to put Checkbox and label on the same line, with translations

Hey guys!

Today I have decided to share with you little secret, that can save you quite some time, while writing templates with HAML.

While creating a form for one of the projects, I needed to put a checkbox within the same line as label and also I had to make my label a “translation”.

I googled and the closest which I was able to find was:


However, It didn’t really solve my “translation” problem.

Initially my code looked like this:

= simple_form_line do
  = f.label t('.send_email')
  = f.check_box :send_email, class: "checkbox"

.send_email in this case is a translation from my eng.yml file which equals to “Send credentials to user by email”.

The code produced this output:


However, what I needed my checkbox and message to be on the same line. This is how I was able to solve it:

= simple_form_line do
  = f.label t('.send_email')
  = f.check_box :send_email, class: "checkbox"


(Sorry if wordpress screwed indentation!!!)

And here is how output looks like:


That’s it for today!

Have a wonderful day!



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