Responsive Web Design : What resolutions to target?

Today we will be talking about responsive web design, most importantly about a question that we all ask ourselves:

What device resolutions to target ?

I have been studying responsive web design using Stone River Learning – “Building Responsive Websites With HTML5 and CSS 3” video course by Geoff Blake. According to Geoff top resolutions that we should target while building responsive designs are (screenshot taken from the video tutorial):

Responsive Web Design| What Resolution To target ?

Of course knowing your audience and analyzing their browser resolutions might give you better clues of what best suits your particular needs. If you don’t know your audience just yet, those 3 resolutions (320 px, 768 px and 1200 px), cover widest spectrum of devices without going too granular.

Finally, if you are in need for particular device resolution, Geoff recommends website . It gives you overview of tons of devices:

Responsive Design | What screensize to target ?

That’s it for today!

P.S I will be posting more Responsive Design posts soon, so stay tuned!

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