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SEOPressor, a WordPress SEO plugin

SEO has become more important than it was ever before. So choosing the right SEO plugin has become very crucial in the highly competitive tech space. Here I am with the review of – SEOPressor, Yoast SEO, and WP Social SEO Pro – the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

I am sure you will agree with Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia. He said, “If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.”.

SEOPressor: one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress
SEOPressor, one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

There are many WordPress plugins for SEO. They serve some specific purposes. But when it comes to a complete SEO solution, SEOPressor is on the top.

Features: SEOPressor has the following significant features:

  • On-Page Analysis: The On-Page Analysis tool shows SEO score with suggestions for improvement.
  • SEO Intelligence: This feature provides you with all the statistics represented in one place.
  • Semantic Builder: It measures and suggests keywords.
  • Crawler Control: It gives you search engine indexing and registering controls.
  • Link Management: This feature gives you many facilities such as URL redirection, customization, and so on.

Price: $9/month

Why SEOPressor is awesome: Its algorithm is formulated and tested using big data analytics on 3 billion rows of data. With 15 million satisfied users, SEOPressor emerges as a leader for WordPress SEO.

“You can’t resist yourself from grabbing a license of SEOPressor”, says Harsh, the founder of

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Yoast SEO: one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO, one of the best seo plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO is quite a popular plugin for WordPress SEO. It helps you in writing Google-friendly content.

Features: Yoast SEO has numerous features under its hood. Out of those, few notable ones are:

  • Snippet Editor: This tool lets you modify the title, URL, and the description. So your post will look better in search engine results.
  • Focus Keyword: This feature lets you specify the main keyword for your post.
  • Content Analysis: The Content Analysis tool analyzes your content and finds the SEO mistakes. It gives you clear instructions about how to optimize each part of your post.

Price: $69 for a single site, $129 for up to 5 sites, $249 for up to 20 sites, $499 for up to 50 sites, $799 for up to 100 sites, and $1499 for up to 200 sites.

Why Yoast SEO is awesome: Having 1 million+ active installations, it has all the basic features like Social Media Integration, Post Types, Titles, Metas, Bulk Editor, Breadcrumbs, Permalinks, etc. Its page analysis tool has graphical representations and SEO suggestions.

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WP Social SEO Pro: one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress
WP Social SEO pro, one of the best plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for a WordPress SEO plugin that can automatically optimize your content shared on social media? If yes, choose WP social SEO Pro. This plugin had a different name before. It was known as WP Social SEO Booster.

Features: WP social SEO Pro has the following features:

  • This plugin automatically adds meta tags to increase connection between social media, Google, and your content
  • Using the Google Authorship and Publisher feature, you can link your Google Plus profile and your content.
  • You can optimize everything from video reviews to business info.
  • This plugin adds HTML5 boilerplate optimized .htaccess entry into your .htaccess file.

Price: $19/month, $97/year, and $247 for the lifetime.

Why WP Social SEO Pro is awesome: With this plugin, you can customize your content so that it looks good on social platforms. You can also optimize the shared content for SEO. That means you can have control over your posts rather than letting Google and Facebook decide how your posts look on these platforms.

With the very specific features of social media optimization and SEO, WP Social SEO Pro stands tall in the list of all SEO plugins.

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Final words

If you want a complete SEO solution, SEOPressor has no match. But if your work greatly involves social media then WP social SEO Pro will be the best bet. And, Yoast SEO is good for all the basic SEO needs.

In this post, I have talked about WordPress SEO plugins. Now it’s your turn. If you have used these plugins, share your experience and let everyone know about their pros and cons. Which SEO plugin do you think is the real winner?

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