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Hey, I am Anatoly, founder of this blog. I would love to help you! I have 6+ years experience in Web Development and IT Leadership. Lets work together on your project! Leave me your email and I will schedule a FREE Consultation!


Thanks for your interest in the blog, here is a quick story how and why it was founded.

My Programming Blog  (MPB) was created in 2011, while I was studying Computer Programming in Seneca College. Its main purpose was and still is to help people navigate in the complicated world of programming and development tools.

First blog posts consisted of some notes, that I took during school. Those posts appeared to be in high demand by community, who had same questions  and soon these college notes transformed into programming reviews, snippets and tutorials.


And here we are today 5 years later!  The most exciting thing is that we are just at the beginning of our journey!


Thanks again for reading this blog, because of people like you, It exists and prospers!